Design & Thinking CD Original Soundtrack

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Replay all those refreshing scenes that inspired you!
Hollywood composer Haim Mazar wrote these 20+ tunes that brings Design & Thinking to live, even when you close your eyes. 
Sometimes playful, sometimes thoughtful; sometimes pushing you to see the big picture, sometimes just makes you want to stand up and challenge yourself!
Can we nominate ourselves "Best Soundtrack for the Entrepreneurs' Office"?

The Story

It was a new friend from an organization which we were interviewing that hooked us up with Haim down in Hollywood. We were so flattered by his enthusiasm in Design & Thinking, and he was one of our "music backers" back in the Kickstarter days. He even invited us on a road trip to LA to see a live recording session!

01 Main Title
02 Design Thinking
03 D. School
04 Referred Pain
05 Power To The People
06 Prototyping
07 New Deal Design
08 Mission Bike
09 Coca-Cola
10 Local Company
11 Suits Vs. Turtlenecks
12 Change
13 Community Hub
14 Jump
15 Code For America
16 The Twilight Zone
17 The Cook
18 It Ain't Show Art, Kid
19 The Scientist
20 Design Questions
21 Conclusion
22 End Credits
Thank you Haim!


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