Maker + Design & Thinking DVD Bundle (Corporate License)

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Maker is a feature-length documentary that looks into the current Maker Movement in America – a new wave of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together culture fueled by passion and powered by the advent of new technologies.

Design & Thinking is a documentary exploring the idea of "design thinking"!
How do we fully engage organizations to think about the changing landscape of business, culture and society? Inspired by design thinking, this documentary grabs business owners, designers, social change-makers and other professions to portrait what they have in common when facing this ambiguous 21st century.


Corporate License

The only difference between Corporate License and Educational license is that you may charge admissions or receive income when screening/showing the film. It gives you public performance rights to screenings and member loans for the purchasing organization, institution, or company.

Maker Contents: 

  • Full length movie
  • 1 Disk
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
  • Running Time: 65 mins
  • DVD NTSC Region 

Maker Screening Resources


Design & Thinking Contents:

  • Full length movie
  • 1 Disk
  • Subtitles: English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
  • Running Time: 74:11
  • DVD NTSC Region 

    Design & Thinking Screening Resources

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